anentropic/django-exclusivebooleanfield 22

Provides an ExclusiveBooleanField which is a boolean (database) field where only one row in the table (or optionally, a subset of rows based on value of other fields) is True and all the other rows are False.

anentropic/django-conditional-aggregates 3

Django aggregate functions which operate conditionally (i.e. generate SQL `CASE` statements)

anentropic/django-denorm 2

provides a declarative way of denormalizing models in Django based applications while maintaining data consistency.

anentropic/codacy-analysis-cli 1

Command line interface to execute Codacy code analysis locally

anentropic/connect-js 1

Facebook's JavaScript client-side implementation of Connect.

anentropic/django-cache-machine 1

Automatic caching and invalidation for Django models through the ORM.

anentropic/django-ebaysync 1

Django app for handling eBay Platform Notifications

anentropic/aglio 0

An API Blueprint renderer with theme support that outputs static HTML

anentropic/anentropic 0

GitHub homepage

anentropic/ansible-newrelic 0

Ansible role which installs and configures New Relic Server Monitoring Daemon

issue openeddepop/celery-message-consumer

Library doesn't use the workers pool.

Hi I recently realized that the library doesn't use the worker pool on the code see: and which could lead to bugs on code relying on the worker_signals such as worker_process_init or worker_process_shutdown, this issue is only to help people replace those signals, so their code can still work, with libraries such as mongoengine(which creates a default singleton connection)

class CustomConsumerStep(AMQPRetryConsumerStep):
        Celery works with workers, but it seems to be this consumer library works on the main thread and not on the workers.
        And because of that the signal: worker_process_init.connect is executed, but everything you create in that function is not shared with the main process.


    def start(self, c):
        #Overrides worker_process_init


    def stop(self, c):
        #Overrides worker_process_shutdown

    def shutdown(self, c):
        #Overrides worker_process_shutdown

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issue commentdepop/celery-message-consumer

Can celery-message-consumer run concurrency

@nucklehead I had the same issue right now, it seems to be the library doesn't user the workers pool and instead all of the messages are handled on the main process, which makes the worker_signals useless, and if you connect and disconnect to your database in those signals, the connections are not present on the main process which leads to errors and bugs.


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PR opened depop/apiblint

[Snyk] Upgrade loglevel from 1.6.8 to 1.7.0

<h3>Snyk has created this PR to upgrade loglevel from 1.6.8 to 1.7.0.</h3>

merge advice :information_source: Keep your dependencies up-to-date. This makes it easier to fix existing vulnerabilities and to more quickly identify and fix newly disclosed vulnerabilities when they affect your project. <hr/>

  • The recommended version is 1 version ahead of your current version.
  • The recommended version was released 2 months ago, on 2020-08-26.

<details> <summary><b>Release notes</b></summary> <br/> <details> <summary>Package name: <b>loglevel</b></summary> <ul> <li> <b>1.7.0</b> - <a href="">2020-08-26</a></br><p>v1.7.0</p> </li> <li> <b>1.6.8</b> - <a href="">2020-04-14</a></br>No content. </li> </ul> from <a href="">loglevel GitHub release notes</a> </details> </details>

<details> <summary><b>Commit messages</b></summary> </br> <details> <summary>Package name: <b>loglevel</b></summary> <ul> <li><a href="">7a4112f</a> v1.7.0</li> <li><a href="">026fcf4</a> Fix JSHint warning about 'default' reserved word</li> <li><a href="">dcc07d1</a> Add a .default property to fix #149 and better support ES6 modules</li> <li><a href="">3be7e3a</a> Reference HTTP Toolkit from the readme</li> <li><a href="">d2b9672</a> Merge pull request #150 from frederickfogerty/patch-1</li> <li><a href="">4b94425</a> Add a little extra to the symbol-name logging test</li> <li><a href="">ae3a282</a> Add support for Symbol names in getLogger</li> <li><a href="">6922d03</a> docs: remove deprecated plugins</li> <li><a href="">67bd1f1</a> Merge pull request #144 from ericboucher/patch-1</li> <li><a href="">5f34f83</a> Fix typo in README</li> </ul>

<a href="">Compare</a> </details> </details> <hr/>

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<!--- (snyk:metadata:{"prId":"1edfd25b-ff74-4ee9-aa76-2f5aab459cc2","dependencies":[{"name":"loglevel","from":"1.6.8","to":"1.7.0"}],"packageManager":"npm","type":"auto","projectUrl":"","projectPublicId":"e29900f0-a10f-4d31-a347-afff259b35a2","env":"prod","prType":"upgrade","vulns":[],"issuesToFix":[],"upgrade":[],"upgradeInfo":{"versionsDiff":1,"publishedDate":"2020-08-26T13:41:21.717Z"},"templateVariants":["merge-advice-badge-shown"],"hasFixes":false,"isMajorUpgrade":false,"isBreakingChange":false,"priorityScoreList":[]}) --->

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