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andrestc/demo-go-instrument 18

Instrumenting Go applications with Prometheus Demo

andrestc/delaystat 6

[WIP] CLI to track linux task delay accounting

andrestc/apresentacao-pesc-latex 5

Simples template para apresentações do PESC/COPPE/UFRJ em latex.

andrestc/docker-machine-driver-cloudstack 2

Cloudstack docker-machine driver

andrestc/.vim 0

My .vim dotfiles and configurations.

andrestc/2017-talks 0

Slides and links for GopherCon Brasil 2017 talks

andrestc/ansible-docker-registry 0

An Ansible role for installing a private Docker Registry

andrestc/ansible-redis 0

Highly-configurable Ansible role to install Redis and Redis Sentinel from source

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