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Andrea Gallina andrea4ever Taranto

andrea4ever/Jasperv8 1

Jasper Reports v8

andrea4ever/account-financial-reporting 0

Financial reports for Odoo

andrea4ever/account-invoicing 0

Odoo Invoicing Extension Addons

andrea4ever/contabilita-italiana-openerp-8.0 0

contabilita italiana openerp 8.0

andrea4ever/l10n_it_e_invoice 0

Fatturazione Elettronica per Openerp

andrea4ever/manufacture 0

Odoo Manufacturing Addons

andrea4ever/ninja-ide-odoo 0

Set of plugins and snippets to transform Ninja IDE in a perfect tool for Odoo developer

andrea4ever/odoo_new_api_guideline 0

New API guidelines