Amol Kelkar amolk Got It, inc Redmond, WA

amolk/Bertrand-DR 7

Code for the BERTRAND model to improve text-2-SQL models using a discriminator re-ranking approach.

amolk/devise_suspendable 5

Devise user account suspension module

aflatune/Appcelerator-Titanium-Starter 4

Basic app template for Appcelerator Titanium mobile project

amolk/AGI-experiments 4

Various experiments related to AGI

aflatune/Alloy 3

Appcelerator Titanium MVVM framework

amolk/moz-sql-parser 2

Let's make a SQL parser so we can provide a familiar interface to non-sql datastores!

amolk/rails_wizard 2

The gem and recipe collection for RailsWizard

aflatune/Appcelerator-Titanium-Redux 1

Reduces the amount of code you need to write when using Appcelerator Titanium. Adds support for JSS, localization, global includes, default properties, and more.

aflatune/trackablaze-gem 1

Trackablaze let you track web metrics such as number of Twitter followers or Facebook page fans