Amir Elemam amirelemam São Paulo SP, Brazil Software Engineer

amirelemam/chatbot-python 6

SciPy #1: Chatbot em Python: Criação de um chatbot simples com Microsoft LUIS

amirelemam/eslint_git_hooks 1

Configure ESLint + Git Hooks to prevent commit with syntax errors

amirelemam/fs2w-html-css 1

Workshop HTML/CSS Básico - FS2W

amirelemam/js-xlsx 1

:green_book: SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Parser and Writer

amirelemam/pythonVSCode 1

Cross platform editing, debugging, linting, testing (and more) Python (2.7 to 3.6) code (including Jupyter support) using Visual Studio Code

amirelemam/msbotframework-mongo-middlelayer 0

Microsoft Bot framework MongoDB as middle layer to store conversational states, data and context

amirelemam/saopaulo 0

Organizing nodeschool events in São Paulo, SP! 🇧🇷

amirelemam/simulateTimeUnitTests 0

How to simulate time on an unit test

issue commentaws-amplify/amplify-cli

amplify init hungs

Guys, I had the same bug. Moved back to 4.21.2 and no more problem.



I worked for me too. Thanks


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issue commentaws-amplify/amplify-cli

amplify init hungs

Same here, after some time it displays Initializing project in the cloud...(node:5020) TimeoutOverflowWarning: 53603712755.42617 does not fit into a 32-bit signed integer.


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