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Amirdha Gopal R amirdhagopal Thoughtworks Bangalore

anagri/sharekhan 19

September Immersion Sample Project

amirdhagopal/madscribe 1

Scribe for MAD

sunitavc/Devops_Learnings 1

Learning how to do Devops

amirdhagopal/ 0

Fork of cloned from

amirdhagopal/ 0

GoCD user documentation

amirdhagopal/gocd 0

Main repository for GoCD - Continuous Delivery server

amirdhagopal/kylo 0

Kylo is a data lake management software platform and framework for enabling scalable enterprise-class data lakes on big data technologies such as Teradata, Apache Spark and/or Hadoop. Kylo is licensed under Apache 2.0. Contributed by Teradata Inc.

amirdhagopal/lets-share 0

Sharing is Caring

amirdhagopal/myl1tf 0

L1TF trend fitting in python with advanced features such as seasonality, level changes and outlier resistance

amirdhagopal/osgi-pax-spike 0

Spike for PAX Logging in OSGi environment.