ShlomiRex/ariel-trivia 1

An android project for Program Structure course.

amgross/ariel-oop-course 0

Example code for the course "Introduction to OOP programming" in Ariel University

amgross/ariel-trivia 0

An android project for Program Structure course.

amgross/boardHW 0

homework in cpp

amgross/check-sort-function 0

an simple test that checking if some java sorting function is workig and giving it grade from 4.9.. to 100

amgross/munche_prog 0

עבודה במונחה עצמים

amgross/threadx 0

Azure RTOS ThreadX is an advanced real-time operating system (RTOS) designed specifically for deeply embedded applications.

issue openedazure-rtos/threadx

adding realloc functionality to byte pool

When linking libraries with RTOS project, one need to provide allocation functions. if he decide to use byte pool for that, the creation of free, malloc and calloc is easy. with little digging in to how block of byte pool is built he can get the size of the block and do malloc-memcpy-free, but this approach fragments the pool and taking time, I want to know if you are planing to support good realloc (resizing the block if can)?

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