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Ableton/LinkKit 106

iOS SDK for Ableton Link, a new technology that synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices.

amethystdeceiver/JUCE 1

JUCE is an open-source cross-platform C++ application framework for desktop and mobile applications, including VST, VST3, AU, AUv3, RTAS and AAX audio plug-ins. / Fork

amethystdeceiver/create-dmg 0

A shell script to build fancy DMGs

amethystdeceiver/django-bootstrap-datepicker-plus 0

Bootstrap3/Bootstrap4 DatePickerInput, TimePickerInput, DateTimePickerInput, MonthPickerInput, YearPickerInput with date-range-picker functionality for django version 2.1, 1.11, 1.10 and 1.8

amethystdeceiver/libpd 0

Turning Pure Data into an embeddable audio synthesis library

amethystdeceiver/pure-data 0

Pure Data - a free real-time computer music system

amethystdeceiver/rosreestr2coord 0

Get the coordinates of area by its cadastral number (

amethystdeceiver/Specs 0

A repository of CocoaPods ( specifications.