Amelia Lindsjö amelialindsjo Stockholm, Sweden Systems and Network Engineer with a passion for the history of computer science and reading books to gain knowledge about almost anything.

amelialindsjo/expandas 0

A python lib for expanding your ASNs

amelialindsjo/ipv6test 0

Simple webapp to test IPv6 connectivity.

amelialindsjo/NIPAP 0

Neat IP Address Planner - NIPAP is the best open source IPAM in the known universe, challenging classical IP address management (IPAM) systems in many areas.

amelialindsjo/vrnetlab 0

Run virtual routers with docker


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fork tnn2/spotify-qt

Lightweight Spotify client using Qt

fork in a month

fork tnn2/lx2160a_uefi

Parent build repository for generating UEFI firmware for the LX2160a

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