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Alberto Martín Cortada amcor @guadaltech Sevilla Full-Stack Developer Python

amcor/account-invoicing 0

Odoo Invoicing Extension Addons

amcor/datascience-ai-machinelearning-resources 0

Alex Castrounis' curated set of resources for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science, internet of things (IoT), and more.

amcor/l10n-spain 0

Odoo Spain Localization

amcor/mis-builder 0

Management Information System reports for Odoo: easily build super fast, beautiful, custom reports such as P&L, Balance Sheets and more.

amcor/partner-contact 0

Odoo Partner and Contact related addons

amcor/server-tools 0

Tools for Odoo Administrators to improve some technical features on Odoo.

amcor/vertical-association 0

Odoo addons for membership related tasks

guadaltech/l10n-spain 0

Odoo Spain Localization