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Alex Wolkov altryne @Fundbox Denver Head of Innovation Labs at @fundbox. I make products happen.

altryne/extensionizr 1742

Extensionizr! Create a chrome extension in 15 seconds!

altryne/fancy-settings 34

Create fancy, chrome-look-alike settings for your Chrome or Safari extension in minutes!

altryne/browserID-jQuery 13

This is a jquery plugin for the mozilla personas api.

altryne/Github-diff-extension 10

Awesome chrome extension to help with yor github diff

altryne/aelios 8

Html5 aelios clone

altryne/blisscontrol 5

Control all your social accounts with one go

altryne/google-plus-api 5

Workaround for sharing stuff on google+ programatically

altryne/chrome-extensions 4

My chrome extensions repo

altryne/dabblet 4

An interactive CSS playground - demo with special "srubbing" controls

altryne/Flux-Slider 4

CSS3 Animation based image transitions


started time in 2 months