Michelangelo Altamore altamic Italy minimalist software craftsman

altamic/bitcoin-protocol 18

[UNMANTAINED] A Bitcoin wire protocol implementation in pure Ruby

altamic/privablic 10

Access to private members and methods of a C++ struct or class

altamic/ 4

catania.rb the website of Catania Ruby User Group

altamic/boolean_datetime_attribute 2

Let's datetime attributes act as booleans

altamic/chart_fu 2

Easy charting library for Ruby with multiple backends

altamic/concerned_with 2

Rails plugin to separate model concerns into multiple files.

altamic/dotfiles 2

my user environment scripts

altamic/prawn-gallery 2

A collection of sample programs for the Prawn PDF generation library

altamic/rails 2

Ruby on Rails

altamic/rails-templates 2

A library of neat Rails application templates.


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