Glenn Gonda alohaglenn San Francisco, CA Software Engineer, iOS

alohaglenn/damn-algorithms 6

An algorithms course in ES6 inspired by Kendrick Lamar's album 'DAMN.'

alohaglenn/airhorn-chrome-extension 3

A chrome extension that lets you drop an airhorn at the click of a button. Used as a live coding exercise to teach Telegraph Academy students how to create a chrome extension with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

alohaglenn/stephcurrywiththeshot 1

Steph Curry's historic 3-point shooting season visualized with AngularJS, Material Design, Firebase, NBA API, and more. A live coding exercise made to teach AngularJS fundamentals to Telegraph Academy students.

alohaglenn/algo-time-complexity-review 0

Practice problems for the algo-time-complexity-review session

alohaglenn/colorful-asteroid 0

The best TGA team ever.

alohaglenn/CTCI-Problems 0

Cracking the coding interview problems

alohaglenn/data-structures-es6 0

A data structures course in ES6.

alohaglenn/habitude 0


alohaglenn/hackbright 0

React Fundamentals Workshop at Hackbright Academy