Alex Kitchens alexcameron89 @stitchfix Amarillo, TX Software Engineer at @stitchfix. I currently favor the RRTCW stack: Ruby, Rust, Tex-Mex, Coffee, Whiskey

alexcameron89/awesome-controller 11

An educational rebuild of Action Controller

alexcameron89/issues-rails 1

This is a repository for known reproduction scripts for issues in Rails. It's an experiment to monitor Rails issues for unexpected fixes.

alexcameron89/active_shipping 0

ActiveShipping is a simple shipping abstraction library extracted from Shopify

alexcameron89/Asana-Bulk 0

Asana Bulk allows you to create multiple tasks at once with titles, a parent task/project, and notes.

alexcameron89/book 0

The Rust Programming Language

alexcameron89/Calculator 0

Basic Calculator built in HTML, Javascript & JQuery

alexcameron89/cipher 0

Cipher Library

alexcameron89/diesel 0

A safe, extensible ORM and Query Builder for Rust

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Fix a typo in the GraphQL Docs

Hey @paulomarg! I forgot to mention that I did sign it, but the CLA Probot didn't update. Do I need to do something to get it to update?


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Fix a typo in the GraphQL Docs

This simply fixes a typo in the GraphQL documentation.

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Alex Kitchens

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Fix a typo in the GraphQL Docs This simply fixes a typo in the GraphQL documentation.

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ShopifyAPI is a lightweight gem for accessing the Shopify admin REST web services.

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issue openednoahleal/noahleal

Contributing to Open Source

2020 Goals: Contribute more to Open Source projects

👋 Psst, is there any way that I can help with this? Would you like to work together to figure out some open source projects that you're interested in and we can figure out how to best contribute to them?

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fork alexcameron89/json

JSON implementation for Ruby

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