Alec Koumjian akoumjian Vermont I like working with teams to build lots of things.

akoumjian/datefinder 459

Find dates inside text using Python and get back datetime objects

akoumjian/django-conduit 49

Easy and Powerful REST APIs for Django

akoumjian/django-liveserver 6

A backport of the Django LiveServerTestCase for 1.3

akoumjian/brutus 2

When your only tool is a hammer, everything is a nail.

akoumjian/boto 1

Python interface to Amazon Web Services

akoumjian/diveintohtml5 1

[Mirror] Dive Into HTML5 online book

akoumjian/django-html5-boilerplate 1

A starting template for Django websites using HTML5 boilerplate.

akoumjian/django-nose-selenium 1

Nose plugin for running selenium tests with django support.

akoumjian/django-selenium 1

Selenium testing support for django

akoumjian/django-solo 1

Yet another blog written in Django.

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Outdated Screenshot

You now have a nice Input section instead of the raw json editor shown here:

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Docs Issue


I've found an issue here:python

Page reference:

Nit-picky, but you don't actually say to put the contents into a file.

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