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Aidan Gomez aidangomez Canada Machine learning at University of Oxford.

alejandro-isaza/BrainCore 376

The iOS and OS X neural network framework

alejandro-isaza/Upsurge 176

Multi-dimensional Swift math

duvenaud/relax 149

Optimizing control variates for black-box gradient estimation

alejandro-isaza/caffe 59

Caffe: a fast open framework for deep learning, iOS version

for-ai/ACT 17

Alternative approach for Adaptive Computation Time in TensorFlow

aidangomez/NICE 5

[In Dev] A Theano implementation of Nonlinear Independent Component Estimation (

aidangomez/pygorithmic 5

A QuestTrade API wrapper designed to streamline the development of investment algorithms.

aidangomez/RandKit 3

Swift framework for random numbers & distributions.

aidangomez/awesome-rnn 1

Recurrent Neural Network - A curated list of resources dedicated to RNN

aidangomez/BrainCore 1

The iOS and OS X neural network framework