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ahmedNY/singlebody 2

siglebody clone

ahmedNY/express-typescript-boilerplate 1

the boilerplate for your next project

ahmedNY/moonlight-android 1

GameStream client for Android

ahmedNY/type-graphql 1

Create GraphQL schema and resolvers with TypeScript, using classes and decorators!

ahmedNY/AngularRestaurantProject 0

Angular Restaurant Project

ahmedNY/coreui-free-vue-admin-template 0

CoreUI Vue is free Vue admin template based on Bootstrap 4

ahmedNY/graphql-rabbitmq-subscriptions 0

A graphql subscriptions implementation using rabbimq and apollo's graphql-subscriptions

created repositorydoonfrs/bootstrap-dynamic-color

created time in 10 days

release infinitered/ignite


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