ahdbilal GitHub Redmond PM for GitHub Actions & Pages

ahdbilal/FTP-Upload-Action 8

Deploys a GitHub project to a FTP server using GitHub actions

ahdbilal/actions-workflow-samples 0

Help developers to easily get started with GitHub Action workflows to deploy to Azure

ahdbilal/airflow 0

Apache Airflow - A platform to programmatically author, schedule, and monitor workflows

ahdbilal/AppCenter-Github-Action 0

This action run any App Center CLI command.

ahdbilal/appcenter-sampleapp-ios-swift 0

App Center sample Swift app for iOS

ahdbilal/atom-rst-preview 0

Open a rendered version of the ReStructuredText in the current editor with `ctrl-shift-r`.

ahdbilal/example-azure-node 0

An example Node webapp deployed with GitHub actions