Adrien Tétar adrientetar Interested in frontend, text rendering, graphics, i18n…

adrientetar/660m 2

66-key ANSI keyboard PCB, with a STM32F0 MCU and USB-C connection.

adrientetar/fonttools 1

Fork of fonttools project from Sourceforge, with new features and bugfixes

adrientetar/Grace 1


adrientetar/afdko 0

Adobe Font Development Kit for OpenType

adrientetar/booleanOperations 0

Boolean operations on paths

adrientetar/compositor 0

A basic OpenType GSUB and GPOS layout engine.

adrientetar/compreffor 0

A CFF table subroutinizer for FontTools

adrientetar/cooperhewitt-typeface 0

Cooper Hewitt: The Typeface created by Chester Jenkins

adrientetar/Crimson 0

The Crimson Text typeface

Pull request review commentharfbuzz/uharfbuzz

Implement a more Pythonic feature slice notation

 cdef const char ** to_cstring_array(list_str):     return ret  -def shape(font: Font, buffer: Buffer, features: Dict[str, bool] = None,+def shape(font: Font, buffer: Buffer,+        features: Dict[str,Union[int,bool,Sequence[Tuple[int,int,Union[int,bool]]]]] = None,

nit: you can use type alias to make this less stuffed


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