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Addison Lee addisonlee @paypal, @braintree (formerly @thoughtworks) Earth

addisonlee/infra-101-best-ever 2

Infra 101, The Best Ever

addisonlee/inproctester 1

HtmlUnit and WebDriver extensions to enable in-process testing of web applications

addisonlee/neo4j 1

A Graph Database for JRuby. It uses the java lib neo4j as storage and lucene for quering/indexing

addisonlee/RapidFTR 1

RapidFTR streamlines and speeds up the Family Tracing and Reunification process using small handheld devices to collect information.

addisonlee/alb-ingress-controller 0

Kubernetes Ingress Controller for AWS ALB

addisonlee/angular-scrollable-table 0

A fixed header table directive for AngularJS

addisonlee/app-config-java-poller 0

Provides rest interface for polling app-config-app changes. Written in Java and build with Maven.

addisonlee/Camfed 0

Camfed EpiSurveyor to Salesforce data import tool