Julian Cerruti adamantivm Ekumen Buenos Aires, Argentina

adamantivm/comandoz 2

Voice interface for controlling Freevo

adamantivm/hablame 2

Multi-modal semi-synchronous communication tool

adamantivm/Escribime 1

Label-targetted GMail notifier

adamantivm/airbrite-api 0

Airbrite API documentation

adamantivm/airbrite-js 0

Airbrite JS SDK

adamantivm/AndroidStreamingClient 0

Library that receives UDP packets wrapped into RTP and coded in H264, decodes the corresponding frames and plays the resulting stream in an Android SurfaceView

adamantivm/android_apps 0

Applications built on top of the rosjava android libraries.

adamantivm/android_core 0

Android libraries for rosjava

adamantivm/android_extras 0

Extra libraries and utilities (usually 3rd party) for android gingerbread and up.

adamantivm/ansible-plugins 0

Extend ansible with optional callback and connection plugins