Hans-Joachim Krauch achim-k Intermodalics Leuven, Belgium

achim-k/go-vebt 8

Van Emde Boas tree in go. My project for advanced datastructures class at Seoul National University

achim-k/ar_track_alvar 0

AR tag tracking library for ROS

achim-k/descartes 0

ROS-Industrial Special Project: Cartesian Path Planner

achim-k/docs 0

Franka Control Interface (FCI) documentation source

achim-k/flexbe_chrome_app 0

Contains the source code of the FlexBE Chrome App.

achim-k/frontier_exploration 0

ROS Node and Costmap 2D plugin layer for frontier exploration

achim-k/gazebo_ros_link_attacher 0

Attach two Gazebo models with a virtual joint in a generalized grasp hack

achim-k/geometry2 0

A set of ROS packages for keeping track of coordinate transforms.