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Abel Callejo abelcallejo @InternationalRiceResearchInstitute Philippines

abelcallejo/wordpress-environment 2

A wordpress library for easily getting the major environment variables

abelcallejo/ 0

My personal GitHub page

abelcallejo/ezSQL 0

PHP class to make interacting with a database ridiculusly easy

abelcallejo/juan-ld 0

Linked Data of the Philippines

abelcallejo/plugin-update-checker 0

A custom update checker for WordPress plugins. Useful if you don't want to host your project in the official WP repository, but would still like it to support automatic updates. Despite the name, it also works with themes.

abelcallejo/w18t-sample-plugin 0

A sample plugin using the Wordpress Environment (W18T) library

abelcallejo/WordPress 0

WordPress, Git-ified. Synced via SVN every 15 minutes, including branches and tags! This repository is just a mirror of the WordPress subversion repository. Please do not send pull requests. Submit patches to instead.

abelcallejo/WTFPDF 0

WTFPDF is an open-source Wordpress plugin to easily generate PDF versions of a custom post type. WTFPDF stands for "What the Fuck PDF".