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Unable to upload pictures - file a bug

I know this issue is a touch old but I've been working my way through adding photos to all my lists and I think I've come across a (potential) reason why this is popping up and likely to do so more frequently in the future.

The long and short of it is that the files are actually different image formats displayed and saved as JPG images.

I stumbled upon it because I'd download a file from a manufacturer's website (or image search) and it would display in win10's Photos program but I'd get the lighterpack error above when uploading and Photoshop would throw an "reading arithmetic coded JPEG files is not implemented" when trying to open it. Searching the Photoshop error lead me to opening the images in N++ and reading the headers manually. It turns out that the problem images are commonly WebP files with a JPG extension.

I don't think Lighterpack can do anything on its end to fix this but maybe a wordier error message might lower confusion. Something like:

Upload failed! This may be due to a different filetype being saved as JPG. If this issue persists please file a bug.

I've attached two "problem" images as examples. Bic-Mini-Lighter-4_2000x 2430970001-1


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[bug] amoled theme and sharing to groups

Description Using the amoled theme, if one tries to share a post to a Facebook group, the dropdown of group names is black text on a black background. Once a group has been chosen, the group name does use white text though.

Details (please provide at least the app version):

  • App Version: 2.4.4
  • Device: Galaxy Note 8
  • Android Version: 9


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Automating Plant Lights basic step to switch growlights for plants from dumb timers to home assistant

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Depreciating Darksky for NWS

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