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Zereges Zereges Ekirei Czech Republic

Zereges/id3-tag-cli 2

Command line utility for reading and editing ID3 meta information (tags) for audio and video files

Zereges/2048 0

Game implemented in C++ language

Zereges/2048Java 0

2048 Game implemented in Java language

Zereges/2048RP 0

2048 Game implementation as term project.

Zereges/AliceBot 0

Extensible XMPP bot in MUC room

Zereges/geometric-figures 0

The Geometric Figures draws polytopes of any dimension and generates their convex hull.

Zereges/pidgin-latex 0

Reimplementation of popular pidgin plugin used to display LaTeX formulas directly to IM chat.

Zereges/pmake 0

Parallel make utility

Zereges/scripts-tools-apps 0

Collection of useful scripts, tools, utilities and applications in various languages that might be helpful for a task or two