Zatvobor/tirexs 419

An Elixir flavored HTTP client and DSL library for Elasticsearch

Zatvobor/ember-couchdb-kit 44

An Ember.js adapter for Apache CouchDB

Zatvobor/couch_normalizer 23

Data mutation reactor which works in Apache CouchDB

Zatvobor/ember-data-elasticsearch-kit 21

An ember-data kit for pushing and querying objects to Elasticsearch appliance

Zatvobor/couch_gears 14

Sexy convenience for customizing your Couch DB nodes as you need

Zatvobor/todomvc 8

MaidSAFE • TodoMVC

Zatvobor/web-engineering 7

A reading list for web engineering mastery

Zatvobor/krasukha 6

Software Development Kit for monitoring/trading/lending

Zatvobor/rust-sphlib 2

Sphlib 3.0 bindings for Rust

Zatvobor/chromium-os-couchdb-recipes 1

Useful Capistrano recipes for installing Couch DB on Chromium OS