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WatersJohn/acr-build-helloworld-node 0

Sample Node.js application for use in demonstrating Azure Container Registry Build.

WatersJohn/azure-cosmosdb-custom-pointInTimeRestore 0

This solution provides a custom implementation of point in time restore, for an Azure Cosmos DB collection. This solution leverages the Cosmos DB Change Feed Processor library, which constantly polls for changes on a source collection and backs up the changes by periodically writing them to a specified Azure Blob Storage account. When a Restore is required, the backup job can be stopped and the same tool can be run in "Restore" mode, to replay the backed up changes from the Blob Storage Account into a specified destination Cosmos DB collection.

WatersJohn/CosmosDB 0

PowerShell Module for working with Azure Cosmos DB databases, collections, documents, attachments, offers, users, permissions, triggers, stored procedures and user defined functions.