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Varunram Ganesh Varunram @mit-dci, @bithyve, @YaleOpenLab GPG fingerprint: B36C 71FD 520C 9BC1 8A6E 1D40 026B 70BF 7E7F B551, Varunram on freenode

aloisdg/awesome-regex 1091

A curated collection of awesome Regex libraries, tools, frameworks and software

Varunram/Awesome-Regex-Resources 58

A curated list of Regex Resources. Inspired by other awesome stuff

bithyve/bithyve-wrapper 4

A server instance that wraps around electrs

bithyve/research 3

A repository for Bithyve's Bitcoin Research Initiatives

seungjlee/MusicoinExplorer 3

Musicoin and Ethereum Classic Block Explorer

bithyve/code-snippets 1

Code snippets for stuff referenced on the BitHyve blog

kratos-project/oxford 1

The Kratos paper presented at Oxford Internet Institute's Connected Life 2019

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