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Volodymyr Fedyk VFedyk Ukraine .: ${SUPER_BIO} :.

VFedyk/lviv-metro 5

CLI-helper for getting information about legendary Lviv subway

VFedyk/nasa-picture-of-a-day 2

NASA: a picture of a day (unofficial Angular 2 application)

VFedyk/ftp-downloader 1

[OLD] PHP-script for downloading files from one server to another via FTP

VFedyk/PyCharm-color-scheme 1

Based on Solarized Light (Alternate)

VFedyk/angular2-electron-starter 0

An Angular 2 Webpack Starter kit with Electron

VFedyk/ 0 web site

VFedyk/devise-i18n 0

Translations for the devise gem

VFedyk/djang0byte 0

Lightweight social networks engine written in python+django, that aims to bear great workloads.


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