Urbiwanus/essential-project-docker 5

Essential Project Server Mode Docker Image

Urbiwanus/clicker 0

Ionic 2 Demo / Seed Project : Angular2 + Typescript + Karma + Protractor + Travis

Urbiwanus/cordova-app-loader 0

Remote update your Cordova app

Urbiwanus/cordova-bluebird-api 0

This is a Cordova/Phonegap plugin to interact with the BlueBird ruggedized devices' Barcode Scanners and Magnetic Stripe Readers

Urbiwanus/cordova.externalkeyboard 0

Cordova plugin enabling to set keyboard shortcuts when external keyboard is attached to iOS 7 device

Urbiwanus/cryptocat 0

Secure chat software for your computer.

Urbiwanus/dtazvjs 0

DTAZV parser JavaScript

Urbiwanus/ep_codepad 0

Turn etherpad-lite into a realtime collaborative online development environment

Urbiwanus/essential_viewer 0

The open-source release of the Essential Viewer application from The Essential Project

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