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A fun co-op game - gathers your friends and play it!

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Memory game with animal emojis.

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Testing out Deno + Oak - this is just boilerplate project

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A bird flying on the page 😆

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A simple node express example that serves static files which calls an API endpoint in the node server

issue commentthe-road-to-learn-react/use-combined-reducers

dispatch changes reference on every call.

This is actually easily solved with the useRef hook. Check the PR for more info, I made a comment there :)


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pull request commentthe-road-to-learn-react/use-combined-reducers

Do not re create dispatch on every call.

Why not just use the useRef hook to solve this? This PR seems overly complicated to me, maybe I'm missing something.

const dispatch = useRef(() =>
    action => Object.keys(combinedReducers)		
       .map(key => combinedReducers[key][1])		
       .forEach(fn => fn(action));

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fork Tsourdox/TypeScript

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to clean JavaScript output.

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create barnchTsourdox/deno

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Testing out Deno + Oak - this is just boilerplate project

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issue commentcentrifuge/tinlake-ui

Remove blue focus borders from components that appear on click

I've tried multiple CSS variants for outline: none, but that only removes the built-in one in the browser. Is there a way to disable grommets focusIndicator globally? I have no need for this in the web application I'm creating and I don't want to add focusIndicator={false} everywhere.


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issue openeddenosaurs/denon

Adding a cache script to the denon.json file

Not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but I wanted to save a cache script I could easily run.

"cache": {
      "desc": "Cache versions and update lock file",
      "cmd": "deno cache server.ts --lock-write",
      "lock": "./lock.json"

The result however when running denon cache is an endless loop instead of just executing it once, looks like this:

Skärmavbild 2020-05-29 kl  19 10 40

Now is this a bug or aren't you suppose to add and execute scripts in this way?

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issue commentoakserver/oak

Application state in Routers not typed properly

Just to give you some more insight (if needed), I'm using a simple router middleware like so:

export const createBook: RouterMiddleware<{}, AppState> = async (ctx) => {
    const body = await ctx.request.body()
    const book = Object.assign({}, body.value, { id: ctx.state.bookIndex++ })
    ctx.response.body = book

And then on my router:

.post('/books', createBook as any)

without the as any I get the following error:

Skärmavbild 2020-05-25 kl  11 21 06


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issue openedoakserver/oak

Application state in Routers not typed properly

While using typescript and defining a state for the application like so:

const app = new Application<AppState>()

typings for ctx.state is not typed accordingly to AppState interface with this code

new Router().get('/', (ctx) => ctx.state)

Am I missing something or do the Router class need generic typings similar to Application?

While running the code the state is actually there, only the typings that are incorrect.

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issue openedcamillaeriksson/Chat-app

Servern kraschar ibland (bug)

Lite osäker på vad som orsakar det men här är ett screenshot på loggen: Skärmavbild 2020-05-14 kl  12 07 57

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issue openedChristianAgren/Roast

Ibland kraschar servern (bug)

Verkar ske i samband med att en klient har disconnectad, här är screenshoots på klient- och serverloggarna:

Skärmavbild 2020-05-14 kl  10 14 21 Skärmavbild 2020-05-14 kl  10 25 32

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