Tomcc/dojo 26

A simple, portable and somewhat powerful C++ game engine

Tomcc/gameboii 8

A Rust gameboy emulator

Tomcc/acpplinter 5

A small C++ linting script in python to enforce a bunch of "good C++" rules that are hard to check otherwise.

Tomcc/dojo2D 5

Dojo2D is a layer over my own dojo framework that provides 2D-specific features, like Box2D and Spine.

Tomcc/bash_hackery 2

A collection of scripts and hacks that probably aren't helpful to anyone else

Tomcc/obj_to_mesh 2

Simple Rust converter from .obj to my mesh format

Tomcc/dojo-dependencies 1

Optional dependencies repository for dojo

Tomcc/KSP_kOS_scripts 1

A bunch of scripts made for Kerbal Space Program + kOS

Tomcc/liquidfun 1

2D physics engine for games

Tomcc/passwordmaker 1

hacky webapp that makes Base64 passwords from an unique file/domain pair

issue commentlwouis/alt-tab-macos

Max Size is too inflexible on ultrawide monitors

Wow, I don't think anyone ever fixed a bug I reported with a video showcase, I don't even know what to say :)

Thanks for fixing this so quickly! It looks like it does allow me to , I'll try it when the new version is out.

And thanks again for making Alt Tab, I was using Contexts but I had a few issues with it. This one is so much better!


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issue openedlwouis/alt-tab-macos

Max Size is too inflexible on ultrawide monitors

Describe the bug

First of all I'm really not sure if this is a bug or a feature request... but if you squint you could see it as an accessibility problem for widescreen users, so it may be a bug :)

When using an ultrawide monitor (eg. 5122x1440), there is no ideal setting for the window size. The default 80% is e x t r e m e l y w i d e, and reducing it to a % where it would make sense causes the height to be too small and needlessly hide rows.

Screenshots / video

This is what 80% looks like: Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 00 53 28

And this is what the width I would like (15%) looks like: Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 00 54 01

Now the width is ok, but it's not high enough and it's hiding rows for no reason.

I think the issue here is that width and height should be decoupled... and personally I think that defining the width using a % doesn't work well if someone uses many different screens with their Mac, the panel's size will be all over the place. For my use case where I want a column of options, setting a max size in pixels would be much nicer.

Steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Find an ultrawide monitor
  2. Try to use Alt Tab and fiddle with the Max Size %
  3. See the above

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