Timothée Boucher Timothee Oakland, CA

grantt/six_lessons_in_react 3

Six lesson collaborative learning course in React JS

Timothee/CS193p-Calculator 3

Calculator assignments from the CS193p iOS course from Stanford

Timothee/backbone-devtools 2

Chrome Developer Tools extension for debugging Backbone-based apps

Timothee/Dribbblery 2

Dribbble gallery with Backbone

Timothee/Interhulude 2

Chrome extension that mutes ads on Hulu. Can certainly be used in something other than a Chrome extension. Left as an exercise for the reader.

Timothee/LogMeOutThx 2

A Chrome extension and bookmarklet to log you out of websites in one keyboard shortcut. The fastest on this side of the Mississippi.

Timothee/CommitFilter 1

Commit Filter is a Chrome extension that lets you filter out certain files when you're reviewing commits and pull requests.

Timothee/CS193p-Top-Places 1

Top Places assignment from Stanford's CS193p iOS class

Timothee/electron-16212 1

Test app for Electron bug #16212

Timothee/Merry-Twilsmas- 1

Small project for a holiday-themed Twilio contest


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