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Tim Simmons TimSimmons @digitalocean Austin, TX Sr. Software Engineer on the Observability team at DigitalOcean

digitalocean/firebolt 412

Golang framework for streaming ETL, observability data pipeline, and event processing apps

TimSimmons/redis-mass-insertion 7

Simple Python script that prepares Redis commands for mass insertion

TimSimmons/alertmanager-pd 1

Demonstrate an issue with Pagerduty that is sad

TimSimmons/hap 1

Real-time haproxy stats socket readability helper

marc-lebourdais/heaf-demo 0

HEAF - DigitalOcean Industry Immersion Demo Project

TimSimmons/alertmanager 0

Prometheus Alertmanager

TimSimmons/common 0

Go libraries shared across Prometheus components and libraries.

TimSimmons/cs373-idb 0

A Django app hosted on Heroku with Python and Twitter Bootstrap that emulates IMDB to track Major League Baseball.