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Traducciones del Tío Víctor is the personal site of VGF/IlDucci/Tío Víctor, who collaborates with other romhackers and translators on various English to Spanish projects.

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AegisTrad is a ROMhack website maintained by TheFireRed with the purpose of publishing videogame translations.

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[Game Crash] Game crashes when in fullscreen

Sorry for the late response!

I kid you not, my Chuwi Larkbox outright died days after this and I couldn't keep testing this. After a long battle with the "splendid" after-sale service, I replaced it with a Chuwi Larkbox Pro, which is essentially the same machine but with a slightly more powerful CPU.

The crash is still present. However... I disabled the HDMI audio driver (Intel Sound for Displays) and used its 3.5mm audio output (Realtek High Definition audio). And it worked fine! So something happens when it tries to switch to fullscreen.


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