skybet/terraform-provider-linuxkit 7

Terraform LinuxKit provider

ThatsMrTalbot/async 1

Typescript async utils

ThatsMrTalbot/auth 1

Golang simple authentication

ThatsMrTalbot/bazel-gazelle 0

Gazelle is a Bazel build file generator for Go projects.

ThatsMrTalbot/bazel-golang-nonroot-example 0

Example of building a golang non-root docker image using bazel

ThatsMrTalbot/blog 0

Git based blogging

ThatsMrTalbot/capsule-proxy 0

Reverse proxy for Capsule Operator.

ThatsMrTalbot/cert-manager 0

Automatically provision and manage TLS certificates in Kubernetes

ThatsMrTalbot/charts 0

Curated applications for Kubernetes