T045T/Echo-App 3

Echo is a Windows Phone 7 App that allows deaf people to use the telephone!

T045T/GPN_GameJam_Project 2

A game about a topic that is not defined yet

T045T/GPN_PSMove_Hackery 2

Playing around with new PS Move Controllers at GPN12 :)

T045T/BouncyBill 1

An Adobe AIR App for the BlackBerry PlayBook - Split a bill using a visually enticing and fun interface!

bmagyar/ros_controllers 0

Generic robotic controllers to accompany ros_control

T045T/2600-hackery 0

Random hackery for the Atari 2600, mainly used as scratchpad-repo

T045T/baxter_common 0

ROS Messages and robot description files for the Baxter Research Robot

T045T/catkin_lint 0

Check catkin packages for common errors

T045T/cpphip8 0

The customary emulator writing rite of passage, apparently. Chip-8 emulator in C++ with SDL