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SpiegelSoft/XamarinForms.Reactive.FSharp 34

A fluent interface for building Xamarin Forms apps using ReactiveUI and F#

SpiegelSoft/GeographicLib 6

A port of GeographicLib into F#

SpiegelSoft/Astrid 4

Historical and Geographical Timeline Finder

SpiegelSoft/Autofac 0

An addictive .NET IoC container

SpiegelSoft/azure-mobile-apps-net-client 0

Managed Client SDK for Azure Mobile Apps

SpiegelSoft/Foq 0

A unit testing framework for F#

SpiegelSoft/fsfoundation 0

The F# Software Foundation website

SpiegelSoft/FSharpCommunityTemplates 0

Templates for F# projects, by the F# community, for use in Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio and other editors

issue openedflutter/website

[PAGE ISSUE]: 'An introduction to integration testing'

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Describe the problem

This describes the legacy integration testing procedure, which is not compatible with Flutter Test Lab.

Expected fix

Please upgrade the documentation to show the newer version of integration testing

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