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SinghRajenM/nppURLPlugin 1

Hopefully a decent URL Encoder and Decoder plug-in for Notepad++ which helps to make developer's life easier by providing facility to encode/decode the URL within Notepad++.

SinghRajenM/WindowsSDK7-Samples 1

Repository that has all the samples from the Windows 7 SDK, untouched

SinghRajenM/calculator 0

Windows Calculator: A simple yet powerful calculator that ships with Windows

SinghRajenM/cpp-docs 0

C++ Documentation

SinghRajenM/DriverStoreExplorer 0

DriverStore Explorer [RAPR]

SinghRajenM/DSpellCheck 0

Yet Another Notepad++ Spell-checking Plug-In

SinghRajenM/GPD_UDL 0

A Notepad++ UDL (User Defined Language) for GPD (Generic Printer Description) and GDL (Generic Description Language)

SinghRajenM/json 0

JSON for Modern C++

SinghRajenM/JSON-Viewer 0

A JSON viewer plugin for Notepad++. Displays the selected JSON string in a tree view.

SinghRajenM/NikPEViewer 0

NikPEViewer a PE viewer source code