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Kevin Attfield Sinetheta Victoria BC

Sinetheta/burn 63

:fire: jQuery plugin to apply flame effect to text

Sinetheta/backbone-carousel 1

:cinema: Backbone view for displaying a collection of images as a carousel slider.

adamish717/canary-crm-framework 0

:hatching_chick: A quick layout framework for the backend of Canary

Sinetheta/active_model_serializers 0

ActiveModel::Serializer implementation and Rails hooks

Sinetheta/adaptive-detection 0

:shipit: angular service for browser sniffing

Sinetheta/angrologist 0

:man_with_turban: pre-recorded horoscope by phone

Sinetheta/angular-multiselect 0

:white_check_mark: Another AngularJS multiselect, with tags

Sinetheta/battle_snake 0

BattleSnake 2017 Game Server