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The Python programming language

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Json Formatter for the standard python logger

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it's for github pages

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Small script to rename files dowloaded by transmission.

issue openedszastupov/aiotg

Add support for new_chat_members

The singular field has been deprecated for a long time ( and has been removed from the documentation. Please add support for the plural version. Currently I do

def example(chat, new_chat_member):
  new_chat_members = chat.message['new_chat_members']
  for new_chat_member in new_chat_members:

but if telegram removes the field, all of us will no longer be able to receive these updates. I think I can just make the decorator argument plural, but I am unsure.

I imagine this is just adding the plural version to the message types constant, but again I am unsure

created time in 3 months