Roman Dobiáš Romop5 @LHMPTeam Brno, Czech Republic Currently 3D Bin Picking Developer. Interested in CV, Robotics, C++, OpenGL, Reverse Engineering. Co-founder of @LHMPTeam

Romop5/GameHackingForNoobs 8

A text/video series about game reverse engineering

djbozkosz/BozSceneTreeEditor 7

Mafia tool for scene files editing.

MafiaHub/Oakwood-open 5

This repository is used for reporting issues and suggestions.

Romop5/mafia-camera-mod 5

A generic movie-making tool for ingame scenes

Romop5/procgen 5

A library for procedural generation with L-system-derived imperative language

Romop5/lecture-downloader 4

A collection of scripts to massive lecture record downloading

Romop5/QuantitizeThemAll 4

QTA - A web-based wanna-be function quantizer for artist.

Romop5/csob-pdf-to-json 2

Unofficial transformer of ČSOB bank reports to JSON format

Romop5/holoinjector 2

An application-agnostic conversion layer from single-view to 3D (autostereoscopic) display for OpenGL.


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