ReneVolution/profanity-omemo-plugin 65

A Python plugin to use (axolotl / Signal Protocol) encryption for the profanity XMPP messenger

bascht/omemo-top 46

Tracking the Progress of OMEMO Integration in various clients

shotgunsoftware/tk-photoshopcc 6

A Shotgun Pipeline Toolkit Engine for Photoshop

ReneVolution/smoothget 4

Microsoft IIS Smooth Streaming downloader and muxer to MKV

ReneVolution/gst-loop2rtmp 2

A simple MP4 Videofile Looper with RTMP-Server as Destination

ReneVolution/memory_task_queue 1

A simple Task Queue with a retry mechanism.

ReneVolution/profanity-shortcuts-plugin 1

A Python plugin to store custom substitution shortcuts and use them in chats

ReneVolution/crossbar 0 - WAMP application router

ReneVolution/eurucamp_transcoder 0

A minimal (but configurable) transcoding application used to transcode eurucamp's session videos into MP4, Webm + HLS Streams.