Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals RainCT PAL Robotics Barcelona

RainCT/hector_navigation 5

hector_navigation provides packages related to navigation of unmanned vehicles in USAR environments.

RainCT/legolang 2

A simple language for Lego Mindstorms

RainCT/gnome-shell 1

This is a development branch for integrating GNOME Zeitgeist into GNOME Shell. GSoC 2009.

RainCT/img2sdf 1

Convert images to Gazebo SDF files

RainCT/navigation 1

ROS Navigation stack. Code for finding where the robot is and how it can get somewhere else.

RainCT/planetwars-python-kit 1

An python interface to the second Google AI-Contest (PlanetWars) at

RainCT/reem_teleop 1

Motion retargeting packages for teleoperating REEM.

RainCT/The-Zeitgeist-Manual 1

The book which contains everything about Zeitgeist

RainCT/catalan-voice-recognition 0

Scripts & stuff related to building a voice recognition system for Catalan

RainCT/d3 0

A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.