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Radi85/Comment 37

Django comment app. It can be associated with any given model.

Radi85/pmenu 1

Search app and apps executor simulate dmenu

Radi85/cppcheck 0

static analysis of C/C++ code

Radi85/django 0

The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.

Radi85/find-a-mentor 0

Coding Coach alpha website

Radi85/netbox 0

IP address management (IPAM) and data center infrastructure management (DCIM) tool.

Radi85/Qt-Inspector 0

Utility to browse the Qt object tree of a running Qt application and edit object properties on the fly.

Radi85/trafficControl-dev 0

Program that simulates train network

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issue commentRadi85/Comment

Use custom style and remove bootstrap.

Would you really need it as a feature though? I replaced it in my project by overriding the templates.

Can you share how you did this or maybe the repo where you did this? Utility frameworks are foreign to me :) I added similar feature requesting support for Tailwind. Your code might help make me changes.

Sorry for taking so long to answer this (I had bookmarked it and then forgotten about it). It's not overly complicated. Just like any Django project, you can override the templates of any third-party app by creating HTML files with the same names in your root template folder.

An easy way to do it is to create a comment folder inside your templates folder (as that's the name of this app) and copy all the content from this location into your project. Then you can treat these template files as your own and change them as you wish (just don't change their names).


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issue openedRadi85/Comment

{{ request.path }} Does not work for me

Screenshot (42)_LI Screenshot (44)_LI Screenshot (46)


  • python version 3.8
  • django Version 3.1
  • django-comments-dab 2.5

Describe the bug

Note: I uninstalled the app from the packages section and put it in my directory Apps

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A clear and concise description of what you expected to happen.


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issue commentRadi85/Comment

Any plans for Tailwind CSS support?

Good to know. That makes sense,


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