Peter Farr PrismaPhonic @planetscale San Francisco, Ca Software Engineer who loves working on backend technologies and distributed systems. Huge lover of Rust.

PrismaPhonic/domain_patterns 14

Repo that holds both domain_patterns and domain_derive library crates

libellis/birdseed 4

Terminal Application that sets up Libellis PostgreSQL database and seeds fake data using Diesel

libellis/libellis-api 4

This is a REST API that uses Express.js and PostgreSQL for a survey application.

libellis/survey-manager 4

Survey creator is a microservice for creating surveys for the Libellis project.

libellis/Libellis-Frontend 3

Frontend application for Libellis using React

libellis/DDD-Libellis 2

This holds the root directory for the Domain Driven Design re-write of Libellis

PrismaPhonic/city-spellcheck 2

A Rust library to spellcheck cities in North America with weighted accuracy if gps coordinates are also supplied

PrismaPhonic/colors 1

A Rust based terminal tool to give you back 8 primary colors (codes) from an image

kaedub/warbler 0

A twitter clone using Flask with Jinja and SQLAlchemy with PostgreSQL. Handles site with server side templating.

issue commentalsa-project/alsa-lib

ALSA error on finding "working profile" for a USB MIDI device.

So frustrating this is still an open issue. If users are solving this by downgrading ALSA, then this is an ALSA issue. The redirection of blame to other projects is absurd.


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