Provides PowerShell language and debugging support for Visual Studio Code




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Issues rank

Extension crashes when formating hot 1
VS Code Integrated Terminal issue loading Azure DLL hot 1
Initialisation Error - Windows 10, new install of code and extension hot 1
Powershell language extension fails to start hot 1
First-class dependency modules (PSScriptAnalyzer, Plaster) should not be bundled with the extension hot 1
Powershell Terminal Memory issues hot 1
Debug adapter process has terminated unexpectedly (read error) hot 1
powershell auto-format indent not tab indenting correctly hot 1
2.0.0-insiders-834: prompt gets displayed in an endless loop hot 1
ArgumentOutOfRangeException in Integrated Console when entering long input lines that wrap hot 1
F8 key command 'PowerShell.RunSelection' not found hot 1
Executing commands during debugging that expand the max screen width result in error hot 1
PowerShell Editor Services is terminating due to an unhandled exception hot 1
PowerShell extension (and Integrated Console) never starts hot 1
System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException when using Out-GridView hot 1

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