Philip Trauner PhilipTrauner Vienna Creating solutions to problems that aren't really in need of a fix since 2013.

PhilipTrauner/cmus-osx 176

Adds track change notifications, and media key support to cmus.

PhilipTrauner/Offliberate 27

Scrape media right from your terminal with the help of Offliberty.

PhilipTrauner/Meh 20

Python configuration files in Python. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

PhilipTrauner/nibbler 20

Runtime Python bytecode optimizer. ⚡️

PhilipTrauner/pygments-github-css 8

GitHub syntax highlighter color scheme for Pygments.

PhilipTrauner/exalt 5

Namespace promotion made easy. ↑

PhilipTrauner/rust-mcp3008 5

A MCP3008 sensor driver in Rust.

PhilipTrauner/spotify-graveyard 5

Bury the undead tracks in your Inbox playlist once and for all!

F-WuTS/s0cial 4

The bot that powers our Twitter and Facebook account.

F-WuTS/surveillance-b0t 3

Telegram bot that automatically posts new surveillance footage.


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fork coolstar/oob_events

kernel exploit for Apple iOS 13.X

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created repositorymeh/snowpack-plugin-string

A plugin for snowpack which inlines files as strings.

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fork nikias/libusbmuxd

A client library to multiplex connections from and to iOS devices

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fork comex/sirit

A runtime SPIR-V assembler

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fork comex/SPIRV-Cross

SPIRV-Cross is a practical tool and library for performing reflection on SPIR-V and disassembling SPIR-V back to high level languages.

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created repositorycharliesome/mrb-rs

Safe, low level mruby bindings for Rust

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fork lachlansneff/rust-vcd

Read and write VCD (Value Change Dump) files in Rust

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created repositoryrsms/go-immutable

Immutable data structures for Go

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fork alexcrichton/wat-numeric-values

Proposal to add numeric values to data segment definitions in the text format

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fork vstinner/scipy

Scipy library main repository

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fork MikeMcQuaid/homebrew-xorg

:heavy_multiplication_x: :penguin: X.Org implementation of the X Window System

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created repositorysindresorhus/nano-queue

Tiny queue data structure

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fork somebee/esimba

Fast bundler for Imba

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