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PaulCutsinger/Sample-For-Can-Fulfill-Intent-Request 15

Sample related to: "Help Customers Find the Right Skill When No Invocation Name is Used. You can make it easier for customers to find and engage with your US English skills by adding support for the CanFulfillIntentRequest (beta) interface. Using CanFulfillIntentRequest, your skill provides information about its ability to fulfill a given customer request at runtime. Alexa combines this information with a machine-learning model to choose the right skill to use when a customer makes a request without an invocation name. As a result, customers find the right skill faster, using the search terms they say most naturally. "

jeffblankenburg/alexa 7

Resources for Alexa developers

PaulCutsinger/reflect 4

debuging aid to reflect the intents and slots you say to alexa

PaulCutsinger/symptomGuru 4

example showing synonyms, dialog management, and ER_SUCCESS_NO_MATCH

ajot/sherlock 1

An Alexa skill built using the Alexa Node SDK, that lets you find information about Alexa evangelists and Solutions Architects.