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I2D System

eleloya/topolegal 1

Script para descargar los boletines judiciales en México.

PatoBeltran/codebotLab 1

An update to teacher's archaic HTML page for form elements

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Platform to share your dreams

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Videojuego que busca ayudar a los niños a aprender sobre la higiene

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School project that consists of a jeopardy for teachers to use in their classes

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Repositorio que albergara una cantidad de métodos numéricos que serán realizados como parte del curso "Métodos numéricos en la Ingeniería".

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Site for trying to give information of political candidates to citizens

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Repositorio de Buzón Legal

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Web APP Roady

issue commentformium/formik

Manual validation should have a flag to touch all fields

@CristianoYL I've found that there is, if you run formik.setTouched(setNestedObjectValues(errors, true)) where errors is the result of formik.validateForm() you get all the fields touched.... the problem is that you have to do it manually, instead of having an option to do it within validateForm... this is the code I have, which is basically a copy of what handleSubmit inside formik does.

const errors = await form.validateForm();
if (Object.keys(errors).length === 0) {
  // Form is valid, do any success call
} else {
  form.setTouched(setNestedObjectValues<FormikTouched<FormValues>>(errors, true));

The problem is that if you want to touch all the fields every time you run manual validation you have to do this code all the time


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issue openedformium/formik

Manual validation should have a flag to touch all fields

🚀 Feature request

Current Behavior

When submitting a form today, formik's handleSubmit will run manual validation and then touch all fields to show the validation errors to the user.

If you run manual validation this behavior is not there, you have to manually check the results of the validation and touch all fields using setNestedObjectValues (basically mimic what handleSubmit does)

Desired Behavior

formik's validate form should have a flag that lets the user have the exact same behavior as handleSubmit to avoid having to use setNestedObjectValues every time you trigger manual validation.

Suggested Solution

Adding an optional setTouched?: boolean parameter to validateForm to do this behavior.

I'll be willing to do a PR for this! Let me know if you agree with the approach or if this has been considered but there's a reason not to add it. Thanks!

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issue commentmicrosoft/vscode-remote-release

Can no longer forward to port 80 as it is in use (apparently)?

I'm facing this same issue with port 443.

I have a server running windows where I have docker and a web app configured to use ssl. I also have a windows client (laptop) that I use to connect with the ssh vscode extension. Using my windows machine, when I forward port 443 it works fine to assign local 443 to remote 443. In my Mac client, however, when I try forwarding port 443 it doesn't allow me (it does the same for any port < 1024) and just asking a random one to forward to remote 443.

In my case, since the app is configured with custom local domains I need it to be 443 in my local as well, which makes it so that I cannot use my Mac to test using this method.


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Patricio Beltran

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Small changes to markdown resume

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created repositoryPatoBeltran/resume

Repo with different formats of my resume

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issue commentmicrosoft/fluentui

Command bar doesn't resize properly when on a flex child with flex-grow

@micahgodbolt this doesn't talk about children of the resize group, but when the resize group itself is a children of a flex item. The min-width: 0 approach that @aneeshack4 suggests seems to fix the issue in the codepen, but it doesn't work on our page.

Our site is a bit more complex than that so I'm working on getting a consistent repro that showcases the issue we are facing.


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pull request commentformium/formik

Extend setValue to use React.SetStateAction functionality

@jaredpalmer fixed merge conflicts


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commit sha 6ccd0ef8d157f1d7d1159c65aa8011f9ce494328

Correct import of LowPriority from scheduler

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commit sha a9dee8a7dccbcb9aa38e73305a90063aae6541dc

Fix: return onSubmit promise result in submission (#2420)

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John Rom

commit sha c4368955def9e5f26a89f81382139d1f5b7959c7

Tutorial Final Result fix (#2484)

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Pedro Abreu

commit sha f5ce47b1f79a856dfb4df650a7018b3f09d15c92

fix: Update innerRef type signature (#2325)

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Aleksandr Klyavlin

commit sha 1c94eea9f839f87927a3bcebfb088c100a24b3ee

Fix handleChange / handleBlur typings (#2472) Co-authored-by: hastom <>

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Yan Takushevich

commit sha 6535e4ca8039695ecc52221f8bc55929bebd7f03

Update (#2492) Add a multistep wizard example.

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commit sha 926577f1b2aaf1f249d77b4887405d3a408580d1

Update (#2460) minor docs fix. *Question*: the quotation section on line 30 says that "`component` ... props could also be used for rendering.". But we are actually saying that <Field component> is valid. This seems ... confusing. Is it that `render` is now deprecated but `component` is not, or is the use of `component` here different than `<Field component>` ?

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Ítalo Andrade

commit sha 30269b42603e6e6d3bac80b1cf767f88a7ec314b

add "avoid nesting" section (#2459) for people who want to have properties with dots in its name

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Boris Serdiuk

commit sha 918fa9574a18217cf625f35160c83a9ff476ef5d

Fix peer dependency version (#2451)

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Stefano Verna

commit sha 7f85236d42b5e3bcb3583d3948e94154bace1a6b

Make validateOnMount rerun validations when initialValues have changed

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Jared Palmer

commit sha 9712c2df6ab182d28bdafd99f35abb2f3a86073d


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Jared Palmer

commit sha 849ed497e24afbc1c9d41dbd0ad84db8231a48c2

Remove period

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Jared Palmer

commit sha a9dee79f3138d17cb72e7bc905691dab143b6af8


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commit sha 105287fea05bc56554ce4e2ddf60a2e09824eeb9

fix: upgrade react-scripts from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 Snyk has created this PR to upgrade react-scripts from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1. See this package in NPM: See this project in Snyk:

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commit sha 9a3cc5a3c54ab0eceea4fdd3055ab6e0267b47bf

fix: upgrade react-scripts from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 Snyk has created this PR to upgrade react-scripts from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1. See this package in NPM: See this project in Snyk:

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commit sha 35d1d2d7b62cb3eb0d83b200ede70f0cc3f9cf06

fix: upgrade react-scripts from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1 Snyk has created this PR to upgrade react-scripts from 3.3.0 to 3.4.1. See this package in NPM: See this project in Snyk:

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Vignesh Elangovan

commit sha e6383ac75c20cc462fb11be2c9188261ab668f6a

Fix (#2555) Example code In the example this line breaks the code because of additional parentheses was added at the end <button type="button" onClick={() => validateForm().then(() => console.log('blah')))}> It should be <button type="button" onClick={() => validateForm().then(() => console.log('blah'))}>

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Jared Palmer

commit sha a36670d06e86e9e9ab7f932e43290d8fed104c18

New docs (#2565)

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Jared Palmer

commit sha e380e0dcae212954dad0f9692e767a2a89348832

[docs] Fix footer newsletter button

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Jared Palmer

commit sha 4908d35691504064faafec2c1753a4dc7e1884bd

Fix broken link in tutorial

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